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Jeremiah J Taylor

Founder / Perfumer

Jeremiah J Taylor

Laughing Saint is an independent American perfume house.

We know what you’re thinking—what does that mean and why do I care? That’s a great question and we’re glad you asked.

An independent perfume house is one that is owned and operated by the person/people who design the fragrances. That means all our fragrances are created in-house, to our specifications exclusively, and with little regard for commercial viability or market trends. In other words, we do whatever we want (with industry-standard best practices and safety in mind, of course). We design fragrances that we like and wear them proudly. And for what it’s worth we think you’ll really like them, too.

Far from Paris and Grasse, Laughing Saint is based in Kingston, PA—a tree-lined suburb of Northeast Pennsylvania about 15 miles south east of Scranton (which, if you’ve seen The Office (US), will certainly ring a bell).

Now. Right freakin’ now.

Inspired by nothing more than daydreams and memories of people and places, our singular goal is to create superior fragrances of uncommon character. Then sell them to people all over world and pay off student loan debt—because this an American fragrance house, after all.